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    The  sale  of  purebred   female   -   male  ,   Min.   Schnauzer,  Tattoo No._______________

    And A.K.C No. __________________with the Sire_______________________________
    and Dam___________________________Is done with the following terms and condition.

     1.      The price of  $_______________ to be paid immediately upon purchase of dog. 2.      The buyer understands that this dog is being sold strictly as a pet, neither for show nor breeding purposes and will be registered with the A.K.C. under the limited registration.  The buyer understands that the breeder will hold the AKC papers until proof of neutering or spaying is furnished by the buyer to the breeder, at which time the breeder will send the AKC papers to the buyer. 3.      The buyer agrees that this dog will not be bred and if a Female will be spayed prior to her first heat cycle. We also require that if a male, he will be neutered. 4.      The seller guarantees the dog to be in good health at the time of sale.  The purchaser agrees to take the dog to a veterinarian of his choice for a health examination within 76 hours of purchase.  Should the dog be found to be in ill health, the seller will replace the dog with another dog of equal value.  The Seller further guarantees this dog to be free from any inherited disease, which impairs  his or her full function as a pet.  If such an inherited defect should occur, and be diagnosed by age five years, in writing by a qualified veterinary specialist, the seller agrees to replace this dog with a puppy of similar quality.  Seller is not liable for any veterinarian bills that purchaser may incur. 5.      If at any time during this dog’s lifetime buyer cannot keep this dog and does not have a reliable person to take the dog, the dog will be returned to seller to be replaced in a new home.   6.      Both buyer and seller agree to all of the above terms and conditions.                                                (Please sign exactly as you wish your name(s) to appear on the AKC papers.)  

    DATE; _____________________                                            DATE; _______________________

      {______________________________________}  {______________________________________} SELLER                                                                                                  BUYER