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Diane has been at Penlan for almost 30 years.   She has also worked for a veterinarian clinic which has made her all the more valuable here.  She can run the kennel in my absence and can wear all the hats involved with a kennel, such as grooming, (both hand stripping and  clipping)  bathing, cleaning, whelping of puppies and breeding. 

As we have downsized our breeding program and number of dogs, Diane no longer works full time She does help out and is still a valuable member of Penlan.

Diane is interested in Miniature Schnauzers and is a member of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club.  She has always had a miniature schnauzer in her home.  Her first was Penlan Puppeteer,  better known as Putter.  Then came Ch. Penlan Prime Star, then Ch Penlan Pep Talk.  Currently she has Ch Penlan Pickpocket and Ch Penlan P.T. Cruiser, both neutered and living the good life as members of her and her husband's famiy.