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All of our puppies are sold on a non breeding agreement and as members of families.  They are born in our bedroom and then graduate to our puppy room in the house.  We do not ship our puppies but we will be happy to pick you up at the the Peoria (PIA) airport where you can take the puppy home on board with you on the plane in a sherpa bag.  Our puppies  go to their new homes at eight weeks of age if their ears are uncropped and at ten weeks of age if their ears are cropped.  The choice is yours.  One thing you must understand is that with uncropped puppies the ears are not always symetrical, some puppies will have one ear that lifts higher than the other or both ears will lift instead of folding.  Please look at the photos of the two uncropped adults below this text and make sure if the ears do not fold properly, you will not be disappointed.  If you would be then we recommend that you have your puppies ears cropped. We always encourage cropping on any puppy that we feel will not have good natural ears with the proper fold.  All puppies are checked by our veterinarian prior to leaving for their new homes.  They will have their first haircut and inoculations consistent with their age.  We have a conditional sale agreement that goes with each puppy that is placed in a new home.  Please read under list of links, our Conditional Sale Agreement.



Puppies at two days of age

Puppies at four weeks of age

I want to play

I caught a mouse!

Pups in a tub.

Uncropped puppy (Gracie) ready for her new home.

MOTHER LOVE!  Rosie with one of her baby boys..

Angie and Red's puppies have arrived on December 30, 2009.

Can we all play?

Aren't I cute?

My ears are cropped and I'm in my new home.

Gracie in her new home pictured with owner's granddaughter.

Hi!  I'm Oliver and I have natural ears that do not fold properly.  My owner's say it gives me character and love me the way I am.

Hi!  I'm Rudy and I have very pretty uncropped ears.  I like the way they look.